Once upon a time Musings and Mud was home of my life and creativity coaching, with an occasional haberdashery of my art.

A new concept evolved for my business and I’m happy Musings and Mud is now home for my creative projects. Surely, they wanted their own home.

My name is Janet L Whitehead. I’m a potter, a painter, a storybook maker… and a mom, a nana, an outdoor adventurer and, occasionally, a tall ship sailor. Also an advocate and coach for the creative soul.

Latest community projects: Instigating Book Hunters of Kamloops and The Clay Space at Kamloops Maker Space.

My new site, Novel Minds, is a great place for those who think differently, and those who want to, with the bonus of a hangout in the works just for us novel people.  Please stop by!  Meanwhile for this, my creative projects place,  here is my professional Artist/Author CV if you’d like to know more about me …




17A lifelong interest in writing, arts, fine craft, recreation, creativity, community, discovery, empowering self and others to imagine, create, and find joy in the process.

The ripple effect of just one individual accessing and implementing their innerwisdom, higher consciousness, and soul given gifts is enough to  change the world.
That knowing is what empowers me to do my artworks, coaching, and contributing.

Acknowledged at the Mayor’s Gala for the Arts, 2012: “In recognition of artistic and cultural achievements and contribution to the arts and culture community in the category of Artistic Innovation in the Arts”


Author: Beyond All Imaginings – a magical memoir of both grief and the mystical experiences my creative process revealed.  Published: 2016

Other Written Works:
The Demise of Noshud Hafta (2009),
A variety of self discovery playbooks,
Currently in progress: Clewless with a Touch of Salty – a second memoir, and a series of Children’s storybooks.

Clay:  One-of-a- kind clay artworks in stoneware, porcelain, porcelain paper clay.

Painting:  Watercolour on yupo paper.

Graphic Art:  Creatively playing with photos, images, and words.

Experimenting lately in: Alcohol Inks and Metal Stamping.

Themes: mystical, soulful, ships, connecting to the energy of childhood.


Solo Exhibitions:

The Demise of Noshud Hafta:

  • The Cube, Kamloops Art Gallery May – June 2009
  • A collection of Ceramic “Pages” that illustrate the Artists’ storybook
    published as a part of this solo exhibition.

Musings and Mud:

  • Cunliffe House Gallery  March – April 2006
  • A collection of clay sculptures, watercolour paintings, with excerpts from the novel in progress.
  • Attendance during the two week period was 250.
Contributing Artist:

The Treesmiths – Wilson House Gallery Kamloops   April-May 2014

The  Muse Affair – 2010, 2011, 2013

WomanMade Gallery – Chicago     July – August 2008

Courthouse Gallery –Kamloops  2007 to 2009

Arnica Gallery – Kamloops – June – December 2006

Emerging Artists – Heritage House – April 2006

BUSTED – Altering Skateboards – May 2006

BC in a Box – BC Potter’s Guild traveling exhibition – Mar 2005 to May 2006

Mad Potter’s Tea Party –  Kamloops Art Gallery.  March 2004

Summer Solstice Artfest –  KAG –  2002 & 2003.

Eclectic Views Exhibition –  CACK – Sport Mart Place – April 2002.

Okanagan Mainline Regional Art Show – Public’s Choice award in both 1997 & 1998.

Art and Creative Workshops Presented

Creative Muse Group Leader Course – Training people worldwide, online and via teleconferencing, in this 12 week course to become certified creativity group leaders. In collaboration with Jill Badonsky – 2010 to 2015. 2 to 3 courses per year.

Facilitator for a Variety of Creativity and Art specific workshops, 2008 – 2016:

  • Clay Alchemy 101 – 4 week intro to pottery.
  • Wild Watercolours: Watercolours on Yupo paper
  • Clay Play Technically Sound, but Magically Inclined – Kind of a coaching and clay by candlelight event.
  • Rekindling Imagination– An interactive workshop that invites imagination back into our adult life.
  • Creative Muse Groups. – 10 week courses locally that have resulted in a whole community of Muses in Kamloops
  • Creatively Curious Whatevers workshops
  • Journalling for the Journalling Challenged – a unique workshop for high risk young women.  March 2008
  • Mudworks:   Working with mediums of clay, dough, plaster, etc.
  • Wheel throwing workshops  2004

Presenter for Community Groups and Organizations:

  • A Face you can call your own:  Facepainting Workshop, Parks and Recreation, 1992. Leadership 11, 1994, 1995.
  • Imagine That:  An imagination workshop especially for those working with children.
    – Many workshops hosted by  schools, community groups, preschool leadership, Parks and Recreation workshops from 1992 – 1998.
  • Playleaders Workshop, Shuswap Lake, 1995,2003.
  • BCRPA provincial conference, 1995
    – Tuning into Teens:   Theatrical Role play workshop on teen issues from teens’ perspective.
    – Preschool Leadership
  • Young at Art Studio, 2005  Child Care Resource Centre  2005, 2006
  • Playleaders Workshop, 1994 Leadership 11, 1994,  1995.
  • Playground program inservice, 1992. YM YWCA   2004
  • Games, Games, Games:  Theatre games, new games, and other activities for all ages.
  • Caring for Children Preschool Workshop, 1989 – Coordinator
  • Leadership 11, 1994.
  • Various Staff Inservices, 1988 – 1995.
Phew! Did you read the whole thing? Thanks!
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