–  Some things are made with mud, some look like mud, and some are created with the same spirit as when I play with mud.
And ships. Of course, there’s ships.
Also, fair warning:  Contrary to popular beliefs that art tells it’s own story,  mine always seem to come with a story.
Click on gallery for full size images. Scroll below to discover their stories.

Clay Art

Clay Art here.





Realm Travellers

They began by refusing to share a story. That led to some very curious responses from viewers who had come to know that each of my pottery pieces have a story. Which then led to a discovery for me of stunning magical information. This is why this piece is featured on the back cover of ‘Beyond All Imaginings;’ their story plays a valuable role in making sense of the wild magic in my life. If one could call it ‘making sense.’



Legend of Peoples
Watercolour, ink on yupo paper

There are realms of enchanted beings who do not believe in us. There are some who do, but have never come to the land of mortals. This is how they imagine our homes must be like.







Lincoln’s Feet
Watercolour, wax on yupo paper.

It happened on a reminiscence day of Lincoln. My part was only to throw wax and paint. Lincoln’s part, apparently, was to show the story of him walking with his brand new niece. This is one of the miraculous occurrences in art whose story has it’s own special place in ‘Beyond All Imaginings.’ 






Pinwheel Universe

8″x8″ Ink and Felt Pen

This led to the creation of the Alternate Identity Trading Company. A curious little workshop in a T-shirt adventure, that is on Zazzle, but I have new plans in the works.  So on the front of the T-shirt is the ‘logo’ and “Pinwheel Universe Engineer”  ON the back is this:
(There’s more t-shirts too.. and a whole universe of alternate identities in the works0



pinwheel BACK3














Image is an excerpt of her whole studio, badly photoshopped just to show her, but I’ll find a better photo of her and her studio. Or I’ll fix this. Pottinfay discovered clay through Potter, and creates in her own realms as a way of helping others know mortals exist.

She played a very key role in the story of ‘Beyond All Imaginings’ – helping pull together all the craziness that was going on in my life, and all the magic.





Ships Gone Wild
Watercolour on Yupo
11″x 14″

Tall ships, both real and imagined, saved my butt during another crazy time in my life. This paint speaks volumes, and is part of my next book in progress, ‘Clewless with a Touch of Salty.’






Tall Ship XII
Watercolour on Yupo
11″x 14″

One of a collection of Tall Ships painted in Chania, Crete, on an extraordinary back packing trip.

The trip was known as “The Motherhood of the Travelling Wedding Dress.” It’s written! It’s in my blog.
ship-mast-watermarkedNothing is Impossible
Watercolour on Yupo  11″ x 14″

This section of the mainmast of the tall ship Lady Washington, like the majority of the ship, was created with old growth Douglas Fir. In its new role, I wonder, does this mast know how much it has inspired and celebrated my life? Could it feel the energy of me, as much as I could feel the energy of those strong masts, when I climbed aloft and furled sails on a swaying tall ship?  As I looked out at sea, seventy-five feet above the deck, did it hear me whisper in complete awe, “Nothing is impossible. Nothing,” knowing that only a few months earlier I had still been in treatment for cancer?  Surely, the masts knew, the ship knew; because I don’t doubt for a minute that the spirit of that ship in all its wooden glory fed me the energy I needed to pull off this lifelong dream: training as a tall ship sailor.

Part of the gallery show “The Treesmiths.” 2014




Tall Ship VII

Watercolour on Yupo 11 x 14

One of the series painted while in Turkey and Greece.







Fae Wand
Stoneware, willow branch, wire, beads

Revealing the fantastical real self within us.






Tall Ship VI

Watercolour on Yupo
11″x 14″

Painted while on the beach of Palaiochora, Crete.








Crashed-On-Her-Butt Faerie
11″x14″  Watercolour on yupo

This faerie was created in paint when my book was being written. However, her true story, (a whole chapter in the book) evolved from the clay artwork she claimed long ago. That piece sold years and years ago. If you have it, I truly would love a photo. I had no idea when I sold her, the extent of the message she had to share. We’re kind of kindred, her and I.



First Faeriewatercolourfirstfaeriebest-smjpg

Exactly what she says she is… the very first faerie that arrived in paint. And one of the few. They preferred clay. Now they prefer books.



Faerie Ring

Novel in Progress
12″x 12″  Stoneware

All they said when created was “Novel in Progress: Will not be sold until novel is completed.”
That was the first I learned about the novel. And each of these faeries played a very important role.





Christmas in the Forest
8″x8″ watercolour, acrylics, metallics

The forest really does celebrate the magic of winter, in the same way all cultures have some kind of magical celebration or another in winter.
I love Christmas




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