Potter, painter, storybook maker…

Here to prove that being a Janet of All Trades, is a perfectly valid option for the creative soul!

The ‘master of none’ philosophy is debilitating for  all who are creative, curious, and innovative because  WHY WOULD WE STICK TO ONE THING?

Of COURSE we want to experiment in many mediums, play in many forests, be curious about all things worthy of our curiousity and even some that aren’t. We’re creatives, for heaven’s sakes! It’s what we do.

This is my place to share some of my creative stuff.

I play in mud, I splatter paints, I write, and I’m a bit of a storyteller. I also have a guitar I play badly, but I won’t put you through that.


I do not claim to be a master of my creative adventures. Nor am I a master of my outdoor and other adventures. The only thing I am near mastering is my understanding of creative people and how to empower them. You can find out more about that passion and purpose of mine at Novel Minds.



BAI Front cover


About my book, Beyond All Imaginings
It’s a memoir of a time in my life that was very tragic, and even more so, very magical. This book does feel a bit like my masterpiece.




Very recently, I’ve combined this love of coaching, and love of writing, and now offer  a subscription box service curated especially for writers. I am over the top excited about this. Writerly Kits – Your damn book, done.

Welcome to Musings and Mud. May exploring here
remind you that creative people get to play in as many mediums, and go on as many adventures, as they darn well feel like.


Want to connect? 
Love to hear from you!  Contact me


Thanks for reading all the way to here!
 Creatively yours,
                  Janet Whitehead


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